Monday, June 4, 2007

The French are Glad to die for love

Trees I
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Oh my gosh, I've abandoned you. But I'm back... I'm sure if you were reading, you've given up.

This was taken on the John Jay estate in Bedford, NY. I decided to dress to the nines, and after dropping my father at work, I wandered around the (somewhat dilapidated) gardens of the estate. It was a glorious day, + I was ready to conquor the world. I found this gorgeous tree + started snapping pictures, + then I found a great nook to wedge the camera into in a tree, + set the self timer. The rest is saturation manipulation and future-tense nostalgia.


gilda said...

that's a beautiful picture and i can't believe you took it with a self-timer!

Carolyn said...

so, when you're as miserable and bored as i am, you are up all hours of the night searching the net and you find your way to interesting things, such as your friend's blog. where are the punk slytherin pictures from movie night? i want to see them. and no i'm not stalking you, just some beastie on the gala site pissed over the one comment i made and i incidentally found your comments as well. ps. slytherin punk pictures?

Heather said...

Thank you so much for the compliment on my blog! Stop by more often! And that is a beautiful photo with a beautifully written story behind it.